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 Class assignments and announcements will be on Google Classroom!
Check the site often to see what we are learning! 
Week 11
This week students learned about the relationship between slopes of special lines (parallel and perpendicular).  Students verified linear relationships using slopes algebraically and graphically.
Tuesday: No School for Students
Thursday: Maplewood Field Trip 
Week 10
This week students will be identifying angle pairs formed by lines intersected with a transversal.  We will also learn about the relationships between angle pairs when lines are parallel (congruent or supplementary).
Week 9
Students will take a test over proofs - including algebraic, segment, and angle proofs.
Friday is the end of the first grading period!
Visit the Field High School website to schedule an evening conference.
Conference Dates are November 2 and November 9. 
Week 8
This week we will work on geometric proofs.  We will start with proving segment relationships (section 2-7) and begin proving angle relationships (section 2-8) on Friday.
Weeks 6&7
Students took a test over Chapter 1.  Students began learning about proofs by using the proof process to complete algebra problems.  Several properties were reviewed - these will be used as reasons in proofs.
Week 5
This week students will take a quiz over angles (9/25).  Students will calculate perimeter and area of various figures and learn how to classify polygons.
Week 4
This week students will be learning about angles and special relationships formed with certain angle pairs.  We will focus on sections 1-4 and 1-5 in the textbook, and have a quiz on Friday (9/22).
Week 3
This week students will be learning how to calculate distance and midpoint both on a number line and in the coordinate plane.
QUIZ THURSDAY (9/14) covering sections 1-1 to 1-3.
Protractors are needed by Friday (9/15)
Week 2
During the week of September 5 students will work on sections 1-1 (points, lines & planes) and 1-2 (linear measure).
Assignments: 1-1 practice worksheet, 1-2 practice worksheet, page 18 #1-9
We will have our first QUIZ Friday! 
Welcome back to a new school year!
Supplies needed for a successful year:
3-ring binder or spiral notebook with a folder
Loose leaf paper
Calculator (TI84 Plus or TI30XIIS)
Metal Compass
Book Cover
This week we will get to know each other, sign out textbooks, learn classroom procedures, and take the STAR initial assessment.
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