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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a school ability test?
Ability tests measure a student’s aptitude for learning. The Cognitive Ability Test (CogAT) and the Inview are the group ability tests commonly used in the Field Local Schools to measure general intellectual (cognitive) ability. They are NOT based on specific academic subjects like reading, math, science, or social studies. Scores are always computed by age (not grade level) for this type of test. Qualifying scores form individually administered cognitive ability tests are also accepted.
What is an achievement test?
Achievement tests measure what a student has learned in specific academic areas such as reading, math, science, and social studies. The Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) is a commonly administered group achievement tests. Achievement scores are based on grade level (not age) for Enrichment qualification.
Can the OAA (Ohio Achievement Assessment) scores be used to identify gifted students?
No, the Ohio Achievement Assessments (OAAs) are not nationally-normed; and therefore, cannot be used for gifted identification or placement in Enrichment.
My child always gets straight A’s. Why isn’t he/she in Enrichment?
It is a common misconception among parents, teachers, and students that qualification for Enrichment is based solely on school achievement. Many “straight A” students are not gifted, and many do not qualify for Enrichment. Not all gifted students get “straight A’s.” A bright child is not necessarily a gifted learner.
How do students qualify for Enrichment?
In order to qualify for Enrichment Services, a student must score 129+ (Grades 3+) on a nationally-normed school ability test (CogAT or Inview), or have been previously identified in grades K-2 with a score of 127 or higher. This means the student has been identified as having Superior Cognitive Ability, and the parent/guardian will have been notified via letter.
What happens when my child reaches high school?
All high-achieving students (whether they were in enrichment or not) are offered the same opportunities to participate in Honors and Advanced Placement classes.
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