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FHS Discipline Policy

FHS Discipline Policy

Field High School Discipline Policy

Field High School will follow progressive steps in assigning disciplinary consequences for rule violations. Our goal is not to punish, but to change negative behavior. Students are expected to follow all rules and policies outlined in the Student Handbook. These policy pages are the first step in this process and constitute student warnings.

Major infractions may result in immediate removal from Field High School on the first offense.

Teacher Directed Detentions: TDDs take place on Tuesdays & Thursdays in the library from 2:50 -3:50 OR Tuesdays & Thursdays during lunch periods in the ISS room. The time of the detention will be arranged by the teacher and the student. (A student’s after-school responsibilities will be taken into consideration)

Reasons for teacher directed detentions (this list is not all inclusive):
Defiance of Authority, Disruption, Disrespect, Profanity/Vulgarity, Cheating, Insubordination, Three tardies to any one class, Cell Phone/Electronic Devices, Violation of classroom rules, Improper use of technology

  • Students must bring school work
  • No cell phones or electronic devices
  • Late students will not be admitted and it will be considered a failure to serve
  • Rescheduling must be done by the end of 3rd period the scheduled day of detention
  • Rescheduling may only be done once and must be changed with the person who assigned it.

Please note that detentions must be served within 5 days of the infraction.
Failure to serve detention will result in one day of In-school Suspension

Office Referrals: Reasons for a teacher to give an office referral (this list is not all inclusive) Documented repeat offenses in a classroom, Skipping, Fighting, Uncontrollable Behavior, Vandalism, Smoking, Harassment / Bullying, Dress Code, Unserved Detentions, Insubordination

Office referrals can result in:

  • Exclusion from attending dances and school activities
  • Removal or suspension from extra-curricular activities,
  • Community service to the school
  • Emergency removal
  • Afterschool detention
  • In-school suspension
  • Lunch detention
  • Out-of-school suspension
  • Loss of parking privileges

In-school Suspension: (this list is not all inclusive)

Persistent misconduct Insubordination Detention no-show

  • Administrators are responsible for calling the student’s parents the day prior to the ISS
  • Classroom teachers are responsible for getting assignments to the ISS monitor before first period on the day of the assigned ISS
  • No cell phones or electronic devices
  • Students must bring school work and a reading book
  • Students will be required to complete assigned school work, and write a reflection essay before leaving (essay will be placed in student’s file)
  • Students must report directly to the ISS room by 7:50 a.m. and will be released at 2:45 p.m.
  • Students may not participate in any school activity or event during the in-school suspension period

Students who are disruptive or who refuse to do their assignments will be sent home on suspension and reassigned the ISS for another day

Out-of-School Suspension (this list is not all inclusive)

Tobacco, Damaging Property, Trespassing, Drugs /Alcohol, Theft, False Alarms, Fighting, Weapons, Gambling, Disruption in ISS, Persistent Misconduct, Violence

  • Student and parents are notified, and a parent conference may be scheduled
  • Student is responsible for missed assignments
  • Students may not participate in any school activity or event during the suspension period
  • Parents may request homework – work is due upon return – no extra time will be given to complete assignments

Disciplinary Referral – any documented misbehavior. It is a way for school administrators to keep track of a student’s behavior. (reports/detentions/suspensions/removals/expulsions)

Any violation of school or district policy may result in a disciplinary referral. If a student accumulates five referrals during the school year, he/she may be placed on probationary status.

Probationary Status: A student receiving 5 disciplinary referrals will be placed on Probationary Status.

Parents will be informed when a student is placed on probationary status.

In order to be removed from probationary status, the parent, student and administrator will determine a program of positive actions to be completed so that the student may resume regular status. Probationary status carries over from year to year.

In order to regain regular standing, students may need to complete one of the following for each referral (time of service to be determined and verified by administration):

  • · Increase quarter grades
  • No referrals for a quarter
  • Attend tutoring
  • Assist a faculty member or custodial staff or work at an athletic event
  • Perfect attendance for a month
  • Write a behavior reflection paper
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