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Discipline Policy

Room 1-3 Discipline Policy
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Leadership Skills

My classroom is a place where learning will occur. All students are expected to work and support one another. I combine time out discipline with the GREEN-YELLOW-RED self-monitoring system used in Kindergarten. I do include a PURPLE day opportunity for students who go above and beyond behavioral expectations (random acts of kindness, demonstrating leadership skills). If a child earns 5 consecutive PURPLE days, he/she will receive a prize from the treasure chest or an ice cream treat at lunch. A student is always given opportunities to make positive behavior choices. If students misbehave and clips are moved to yellow or red, they will be encouraged to make more appropriate behavior decisions which may result in moving clips back toward green.
If a child chooses to disregard his/her responsibilities as a student and/or disrupts the learning process for others, he/she will experience consequences.
 I use a Time-Out discipline plan along with the school’s discipline program. If a student misbehaves,

he/she will be given up to 2 verbal warnings. The child’s seat or work area may be changed and he/she may have to move the behavior clip to the yellow warning. If the student chooses to continue inappropriate behaviors, he/she may be placed in time-out within the classroom. Before leaving time-out, the student will verbalize the reasons for being placed there and offer a solution to rectify the situation.

If time-out with a yellow placement fails to help the student exhibit appropriate behaviors, he/she will move the clip to the red section and a demerit or detention may be given to the student. The demerit/detention slip must be signed by the student and parent and returned to me the next day. Failure to return a signed demerit will result in a detention.

Students failing to use classroom time for appropriate work efforts may be required to substitute part or all of their recess time to catch up with and/or complete their school work.

Additionally, conflict management techniques will be used in some situations that involve 2 or more students. Conflict management encourages individuals to express themselves through respectful language and active listening, which will lead to peaceful and lasting resolutions. Rules for Conflict Management include...
  • no name-calling,
  • listening to each other,
  • respecting each others feelings,
  • and being responsible for your own actions.

My classroom is a community, a united team working toward the goal of learning. Students will be respectful and kind. They will help, support, and comfort each other. By working to achieve appropriate behaviors, students will develop friendships that may last a lifetime. Appreciation is given to all parents who reinforce their child's positive behavioral choices in and out of school.
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