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Daily Assignments

Monday 1/3
  • Stories without Words assignment, due exam day 
Wednesday 12/21
  • Because I Could Not Stop for Death writing assignment (20 informal points) 
Monday-Tuesday 12/19-20
  •  Because I Could Not Stop for Death writing preparation--The X-Files and how death is a fixed, predictable event.
Friday 12/16
  • Because I Could Not Stop for Death writing preparation--The X-Files and why Dana Scully is immortal 
Thursday 12/15
  • Journal writing:  Topic=Cold.  (Where you take this is up to you... )
Wednesday 12/14
  • Journal writing:  Sentence types formulas 
Tuesday 12/13
  • Let's look at different types of phrases that can be used within simple sentences--prepositional, infinitive, participial--to give them variety as well
  • Re-do activity 1 with phrase additions 
Monday 12/12
  • Sentence Variety handout with sentence types
  • Complete Activity 1 in your notebook 
Monday-Friday 12/5-9
  • Work in Google Classroom on the Police Blotter writing 
Thursday-Friday 12/1-2
  • Police Blotter:  Plot and Characterization writing via Google Classroom; due 12/13 
Wednesday 11/30
  • The Outrageous Premise--turn in at the end of class for points.
Tuesday 11/29
  • Journal Writing:  Freewrite 
Wednesday 11/23
  • Journal:  Two-syllable word story.
Tuesday 11/22
  • Journal Continuation:  One syllable word re-do (No caveman speak!) 
Monday 11/21
  • Journal:  Write a story with only one-syllable words.
Wednesday-Friday 11/6-18
  • Drafting in class 
  • Dialogue and Point of View due to Classroom by 11/23
Tuesday 11/15
  • Finish revisions of the conversations
  • Dialogue and Point of View assignment on Google Classroom--due 11/23. 
Monday 11/14
  • Review the practice conversations that you edited on your own; work as a class to improve them further.
Friday 11/11
  • Journal Writing:  Write a phone conversation in which we only get to hear one side.  Give us the telling clues so we get the full gist of the conversation and the people involved, just like in "...& Answers" 
Thursday 11/10
  • Discuss "...&Answers" 
Wednesday 11/9 
  • Journal Writing:  What Now: The Aftermath   (Use this as your title and go in whatever direction the writing takes you.) 
Friday and Monday 11/4 and 11/7
  • A bit of a skip-ahead: View "Bad Blood" episode of The X-Files, a study in point of view and how it reveals character for both parties involved.
  • Edit copies of two practice conversations from our in-class work
Thursday 11/3
  • Read "...& Answers"
  • Determine how the character and the plot unfold in this one-sided conversation format 
Wednesday 11/2
  • Share some journal dialogue snippets
  • Finish discussion of "Hills Like White Elephants" 
Tuesday 11/1
  • Read "Hills Like White Elephants" and begin discussion of how the characters come through when there is little else than dialogue. 
Monday 10/31
  • Verbal Dance due to Classroom by end of day
  • Remaining Practice conversations typed
  • Read "Hills Like White Elephants" (handout) as a sample of dialogue at work.   How does the conversation reveal character without much extraneous description?
Friday 10/28
  • Verbal Dance writing
  • Practice conversations typed
  • Finish reading your partner's dialogue journal and turn in to me 
Thursday 10/27
  • Dialogue journal trading 
Wednesday 10/26
  • Work on Verbal Dance
  • Type in-class practice conversation on my computer
  • Gather journal entries for tomorrow's swap 
Tuesday 10/25
  • Journal Writing:  What's that smell?
  • Continue this week the dialogue recording in your notebook. 
  • Practice conversation write-up tomorrow--we'll type them on a Google Doc so that we can do some whole-group revising.
  • Verbal Dance assignment--draft on Google Classroom by Monday.
Monday 10/24
  •  Finish pairs dialogue write-up
Friday 10/21
  • Discuss Catcher, chapter 2
  • Share Names journal 
  • Dialogue Guidelines (handout) discussed
  • Conversations in pairs--talk about your topic, then write the conversation out according to the dialogue guidelines.
Thursday 10/20
  • Read Catcher, chapter 3 
Wednesday 10/19
  • Journal Writing:  Naming Your Characters
Tuesday 10/18
  • Share some journal writing from yesterday
  • Journal writing:  Write down snippets of dialogue that you hear throughout your day; keep a running list.
Monday 10/17
  • Journal Writing:  "Funny, You Don't Look 75" 
  • HMWK:  Next week we will share journals, so if you're behind at all, now's the time to catch up!
Thursday 10/13
  • Discuss the two characterization poems ("One Piece of My Father" and "River Heart")
  • Per the class's request, hand out chapter 2 of Catcher 
Wednesday 10/12
  • Discuss Holden Caulfield from chapter one of The Catcher in the Rye
Tuesday 10/11
  • Characterization study:  Holden Caulfield.  Read the chapter, marking details which show scene and character to the reader. 
Friday 10/7 and Monday 10/10
  • Peer commentary on the drafts; final version is due 10/13 
Thursday 10/6
  • Work on your flash draft on the Google Classroom; you should have a complete draft by 10/7. 
Wednesday 10/5
  • Review Cyanide and its indirect characterization. 
Tuesday 10/4
  • Those out yesterday can read Cyanide and do the analysis
  • Those here yesterday can work on their own flash draft on Google Classroom; this draft should be complete by 10/7.
Monday 10/3
  • Read the flash draft "Cyanide" and do the accompanying analysis of its technique (handouts) 
Friday 9/30
  • Observation day 2--focus on the indirect characterization of the subject you've selected 
Thursday 9/29
  • Classroom Observation--select a subject in the room you're visiting and write what you see, indirectly characterizing the person in the process. 
Wednesday 9/28
  • Journal Writing:  I hate it when people... [Finish this line, over and over again, listing specific behaviors that drive you nuts.] 
Monday 9/26-Tuesday 9/27
  • Work on Found Poem and Flash Draft 
Thursday-Friday 9/22-23
  • Work on Found Poem and Flash Draft on Google Classroom 
Wednesday 9/21
  • Found Poem assignment on Google Classroom (handout) for the Part One journal about the best friend/worst enemy.
Tuesday 9/20
  • Share and continue work on Part One. 
Monday 9/19
  • Journal Writing:  Things That Happen to You (handout)   Complete this over the course of the week.
  • Complete part one of our indirect characterization study by writing a journal entry about your best friend or worse enemy (handout)
Friday 9/16
  • Parking Lot Observation 
Thursday 9/15
  • Journal Writing:  Rewrite the following sentences three different ways using specific and vivid word choice to convey meaning (attitude, character, scene) to the reader:
  •       a. She went home.
  •       b. He ate his food.
  •       c. She walked away.
  •   Example:  (c) Loretta slogged through the vapor of air, every footfall depressing the steaming asphalt and straining the dusty canvas of her loafers.  [The strong verb (slogged) and participles (steaming, straining) convey the effort and exhaustion of the subject; the name (Loretta) suggests a person of advanced years.  Climate?  Likely hot and humid (vapor, steaming).]
Wednesday 9/14
  • Journal Writing:  Outside observation--Select carefully an object or landscape to describe in vivid sensory detail. Incorporate the mood and personality of the scene.
  • Creative Wrong Memory final due Monday to Google Classroom (code to join= 6mij4vq)
Tuesday 9/13
  • Journal Writing:  Select carefully someone's shoe to describe in vivid sensory detail.  Incorporate the mood and personality that the shoe projects.   
Monday 9/12
  • Creative Wrong Memory draft due
  • Round-robin sharing and feedback 
Friday 9/9
  • Journal Writing:  Describe the cafeteria in as much vivid detail as you can; try to establish the mood of the place as you are showing us its various sensory attributes.
  • Go visit the cafeteria as a class--What did you get exactly right? What did you miss?  What does your writing not convey to the audience about our cafeteria that it needs to?
  • For Monday, finish your Creative Wrong Memory draft.
Thursday 9/8
  • The Best of Your Senses, steps 2 and 3 (sharing and revision)  
Wednesday 9/7
  • Journal Writing:  The Best of Your Senses (handout)
  • Creative Wrong Memory drafting; the draft of this narrative is due in class on Monday 9/12.  
Tuesday 9/6
  • Journal Writing:  Describe the ugliest outfit that you've ever seen.
  • Creative Wrong Memory writing assignment (handout); complete part 3.
Friday 9/2
  • Archaeological Dig items shared and Dialogue Journal partners selected 
Thursday 9/1
  • Journal writing:  A quick Wish List
  • Journal writing:  For the picture that you've brought, write down every small detail that you can remember about when it was taken--sensory images, dialogue, actions, emotions.  We are going to continue working with this, so the more you record now, the easier the later phases will be!
  • HMWK:  Bring tomorrow your 5 items from your archaeological dig.
Wednesday 8/31:
  • Course guide distributed
  • Journal Writing:  Start with this line and go where the writing takes you: "It wasn't supposed to be that way."
  • HMWK:  Bring tomorrow a relevant photograph of you, anyone that you like, with whomever.
  • HMWK for Friday:  Archaeological Dig--Bring in 5 samples of your past writing to show us your range of abilities, interests, etc.  Show us where you've been before.
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