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Conference Sign Up

FMS Conference Sign Up

Conference sign up instructions:

Families may sign up for conferences with a single teacher OR with a team of teachers.  See description of conference types and instructions below.


A.  Individual conferences – meet with a single teacher at one time. A family may schedule multiple individual conferences in one evening. (ie., conference with Mrs. Wagoner at 5:00, Mrs. Brake at 5:15; Mrs. Loftin at 5:30 and Mr. Nichols at 5:45)

If a conference with a single teacher is desired, click on the teacher’s name and choose the desired time. Repeat the process to schedule additional conferences. 

B.  Team conferences – meet with more than one teacher at a time. (ie., conference with Mrs. Wagoner, Mrs. Brake, Mrs. Loftin, and Mr. Nichols all at 5:00)

If a conference with a team of teachers is desired, click on each teacher’s name that you would like to schedule and choose the same time for each teacher.
6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade  Specialists
Brake (ELA) Dasho (Math) Battaglia (ELA) Collins (Band/Music)
Conroy (Math) Harris (Math) Bookman (Int) Dyer (Money/C. Events)
Flory (Int)  Klettlinger (Int) Coler (Sci) Gall (Int)
Goodwill (ELA)  Mack (ELA)
Goldman (Keyboard/Coding/Tec
Gosseck (Art)
Nichols (SS) McHenry (ELA)  Leek (ELA) Havalo (Choir/Music)
C. McKinney (SS) 
Morgan (Ann./Dig. Med.)
Nelson (Healthy Lifestyle)
Wilson (Int)
Peterson (Physical Education)
      Soulsby (Band) 
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