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Field Local Schools are closed today, January 22, due to inclement weather.

Computer Lab

Computer Lab
(Updated 1-21-14)

It was good to be back at Brimfield. I can’t believe it’s time for me to go back to Suffield. It sure goes fast when you are having fun and I hope that your children have told you how much fun they have been having in Computer Lab this past 6 weeks. We have been working on typing with two hands during the past six weeks along with STAR testing.

Objective or Goal

The objective, or goal, of the students who come into the computer lab is that students will be able to touch-type letters on the keyboard with both hands (e.g. begin to learn how to type/keyboard, use continuous keystrokes, K-12 Technology Content Standards). We have been working on this because with the new common core objectives, the state wants to have a new test called the PARCC Assessment. This test is supposed to be done completely on computers according to the state of Ohio. That is why we are working on typing to prepare students to be successful on the PARCC Assessment.

Grades 3,4,5

Students have been working on using Typing Pal. It is an online typing activity that assesses the students as they complete each level. It will let them know how many mistakes they make and how many words per minute they type.

Grade 1,2

Students have been playing an online typing game called “Dance Mat Typing.” This is a fun learning tool that the first and second graders have been using to help them learn to type. I have also used this activity for grades 3,4, 5. You can find a link for this activity on my webpage.

Grade K

Students have been typing as well, but in a different manner. They have been learning how to log in to the computer and have been using a username and password to log in to EDUSS Everywhere. This is an interactive math program. The students have been counting objects and answering the questions on their own computer. They have grown so much since their first computer class!
Please remember to use 8 fingers and 2 thumbs when you type! We don't want to be mistaken as a typing chicken!
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