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Words of the Week
Comedy Terms- The Importance of Being Earnest
These are comic techniques we will look for as we read The Importance of Being Earnest.
9/16 Third PSAT word list
8/27 The first PSAT word list
This is a link to the PSAT vocabulary for week 2
Self-Selected Novel Project
Research Materials

Parenthetical Documentation Quiz
Quia Quiz
Parenthetical Documentation Practice
This site models the MLA documentation standards expected in all American High Schools.
Format an MLA Paper in Word 2010
This is a tutorial on how to format an MLA paper using Microsoft Word 2010. There are some changes for earlier versions of Word, and I can answer any questions about those versions if you e-mail me to let me know which year / version you have.
Akron Public Library Databases- Opposing Viewpoints
Gulliver's Travels material
Sharp Edge of Satire Worksheet (20121218140934859-0.pdf)
This is to be used with Gulliver's Travels.
Gulliver's Travels
Use this link to view the film if you are absent. Day 1= 1:30 - 20:00 Day 2= 22:00 - 46:00
Gulliver's Travel's Part 2
This link will be necessary to view materials covered on the last day of our discussion.
Hamlet videos

Hamlet- The Royal Shakespeare Commpany Part II
This is the second part of Hamlet production by the Royal Shakespeare Company.
Hamlet- The Royal Shakespeare Company
This is the first half of The Royal Shakespeare Company's production of Hamlet.
Insider's Guide to Hamlet
From the Folger Shakespeare Library, this 8-minute video should tame your fears of "What if I don't get it?" For those who like to be surprised, this is your spoiler alert!!!
Spies in Hamlet
A Folger Shakespeare Library video about spies; they are everywhere in Hamlet. Claudius is guilty and must know who knows what to maintain his position.
Ophelia's Madness
A Folger Shakespeare Library video about 5 minutes
Brushstrokes Notes -Harry Noden
Anglo Saxon Period
Epic Poetry Video
This is a five minute video about the qualities of epic poetry.
Medieval Period
Medieval Romance Lecture
This video is five minutes long
Medieval Society and Women
This video is 10 minutes long.
Grammar ACT Review

Apostrophe In Class Video
Lesson from 9/6 on Apostrophe usage. This is additional information for VHW 4.
This is a down-to-earth apostrophe lesson lasting about seven minutes. I will cover the case of the old famous people tomorrow in class! Come with notes, please
This lesson focuses on four uses of a comma: 1) before a coordinating conjunction joining two independent clauses. 2) to separate items in a series of three or more. 3) to separate adjectives that equally modify the same noun. 4) around non-essential elements or parenthetical elements.
A tutorial by Anne Ysunza about pronoun antecedent agreement.
Mrs. Tenney describes two subject - verb agreement problems: collective nouns and plural nouns that function as singular nouns

Toulmin Essay and Outline Links

Toulmin Outline Information
The Purdue Online Writing Lab has an example of the Toulmin Argument Essay Outline along with a brief explanation of each section. This is extra clarification for those who may have missed class or who need more support.
This video instructs students on creating a claim, writing a warrant, and establishing the grounds of a logical argument. We viewed, took notes, and discussed this in class on Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014.

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