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Week of December 5

We are working on examining data to determine if the data represents a periodic trend. Students are working in pre-assigned groups to analyze the data and to justify the groups position. Students will share results between groups to determine if their position is correct. After completing the activity each student will complete a lab investigation report. Please follow the link below to my google classroom to complete this report.

Mission Statement

We will strive to provide an excellent education in chemistry for a variety of learners. We will understand that chemistry is a way of thinking about how matter is constructed, organized, and functions.  We build this chemical foundation in a context that helps students become scientifically responsible citizens, with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that will allow them to be successful in scientific or non-scientific professions. We will accomplish our classroom goals if each student:

  • Actively participates
  • Completes assignments
  • Asks questions to gain understanding
  • Studies for tests and quizzes
  • Acts respectfully and responsibly
  • Is provided laboratory and “hands-on” experience
  • Utilizes technology
  • Enjoys learning!

We carry out this mission in an atmosphere of support and encouragement. 

Course Materials

Students need to bring the following items with them everyday to class:
   1) Textbook 
   2) Pen or Pencil
   3) Notebook with paper
   4) Calculator 
Every effort will be made to update this page on a weekly basis. Upcoming tests and quizzes as well as laboratory due dates will be displayed here. 
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