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Centers in 1-2

Centers in 1-2


We will have five centers this year in 1-2, including Guided Reading.  Most days the children will rotate through two or three centers.  I call them to our reading table during this time for intervention, guided reading time,  enrichment, or assessment.
  Our centers will be:

Center #1- Word Work
In this center, your child will be working on and missed spelling words from our past spelling tests.  They will also be using trick words in learning games.  Each child has a personal word lists they are working to learn to spell and also have sight word books they are mastering.  We keep these in our rotation folders!  Once this practice is finished, kiddos can enjoy word games at our Word Work table that reinforce skills we are working on in class.
Center #2- Listen to Reading
In this center, we will have the opportunity to listen to books on tape with a friend, or listen to stories read by adult volunteers.  :)
Center #3- Writing
Your child will write in their writing thought journals while at this center. Journals will be housed in our rotation folders for easy access. If your child finished their writing piece before the end of our center time, they may choose from a variety of other writing activities. Some things they can look forward to are letter writing, making lists, fixing up sentences with grammatical errors, writing lists, sticker stories and more. We may also use our computers here for word processing.

Center #4- Read to Self
  Your child will be able to go and grab their book box during this center and find a spot in our room for some quiet time to read and enjoy any book they choose. They will also read books that go along with our content units, current holidays and seasons.

Center  #5- Read to Someone

Reading with friends is fun.  In this rotation your child will get to read and share books with a partner.  Rereading our anthology story will be required, but then friends can read each other books from their book boxes or mini books we are working on.  While one person is reading, the other person is helping with tricky words and monitoring comprehension.  We read EEKK (Elbow to Elbow, Knee to Knee) during Read to Someone. 
  1-2's Center Rules:
1. I will work quietly.
2. I will not disturb others.
3. I will ALWAYS do my own, best work.
4. I will be kind and helpful.
5. I will take care of our materials. 
6.  I will stay in my work space the entire time and get right to work.
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