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Building Leadership Team (BLT)

Building Leadership Team Page

BLT (Building Leadership Team)

The Field Middle School Building Leadership Team is a committee of general education teachers, an Encore teacher, a Guidance Counselor, an Intervention Specialist, a support staff member, and an administrator. This diverse group works together to plan strategies to meet our district goals as set by the District Leadership Team (DLT.) Our meetings are held monthly.

We are extremely proud of the significant gains our students have made in recent years. As a result of data- based decision making, the Field Middle School BLT has led the charge in improving student achievement in the areas of reading and math. Through strategic planning, the team has also overseen significant improvements in attendance rates for all students.

The Field Middle School BLT Members

Susan Blake, Principal
Jill Klettlinger, Special Education Department Head & Intervention Specialist
Lori Brake, 6th Grade ELA Teacher
Lisa Goodwill, 6th Grade ELA Teacher & PBIS Lead Teacher
Lori Grund, Secretary
Tina Kruse, Math Department Head & Eighth Grade Math Teacher
Denise Leek, ELA Co-Department Head & Eighth Grade ELA Teacher
Beth McHenry, ELA Co-Department Head & Seventh Grade ELA Teacher
Evie Loftin, Science Department Head & Sixth Grade Science Teacher
Barb Marcello, Seventh Grade Science Teacher
Mike McKinney, Social Studies Department Head & Eighth Grade Social Studies Teacher
Bonnie Schuck, Guidance Counselor
Denise Soulsby, Fine Arts Department Head & Band Teacher

How did the DLT and BLT begin?

Ohio Improvement Process – A Strategy to Build Capacity at All Levels

The Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) is a system to support cohesive leadership to raise expectations and outcomes for all students. This process is aimed to close achievement gaps and ensure a unified system of leadership is in place at all levels—state, regional and local.

The Ohio Improvement Process is the state’s strategy to build capacity at all levels to raise instruction district wide and increase academic performance for all students.

The Ohio Improvement Process defines how people operate in a system by supporting the creation of a framework that can be applied at all levels. The research-based process supports districts to use data to identify their areas of greatest need and develop a plan with streamlined goals and strategies to improve instructional practice and student outcomes.

By impacting leadership at all levels, the process affects school improvement through careful planning, thoughtful implementation, effective evaluation, and progress monitoring. The overall process addresses the reality that all involved are responsible for success and accountable for results.

The Ohio Improvement Process draws upon improvement efforts that are already in place and involves the commitment of all stakeholders, including State Support Teams.

The Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) is the result of work done by the Ohio Leadership Advisory Council (OLAC). The council defined leadership as key to improving instruction and instructional practice and learning. The Ohio Leadership Advisory Council was established in March 2007 to work with the department on school improvement. The council is composed of 50 representatives from key education groups and works with assistance from the Buckeye Association of School Administrators.

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