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Welcome to Spanish I, II and III


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Hello and welcome everyone,

I am very excited to return to the Field Local high school family and continue teaching Spanish I, II and III. My experience during my first year (2016-2017) was fantastic. Yes, I faced various challenges learning new systems, adjusting to a public school system and meeting new students and parents. However, I was able to overcome all barriers thanks to the support of ALL staff and in particular to the support of my colleagues in the Foreign Language department. Having all this support made the transition much easier for me and I am so grateful for everybody's help. I was also able to establish a good communication with parents and students which I consider a key to a teacher's success. For the most part the students were wonderful and respectful.  I am looking forward to see them again in the class or in the halls.


I am looking forward to a new year. I was able to reflect about last year's curriculum and I am eager to implement new changes that would be beneficial to all students. I always have high expectations for my students but not without differentiating according to their individual abilities. I intend to present fun lessons which include visual aid and multiple activities, in order to fulfill student’s different styles of learning. In addition to the textbook and workbook, students will use various resources that will enhance their learning and their ability to perform successful. I want students to be able to share their knowledge during group activities and get to know each other. My goal is always to provide a pleasant environment where all students feel welcome and comfortable speaking the language. I also want students to embrace diversity and understand that everybody is equal despite having different values.


I usually tell students that failure is not an option in my class. Therefore, I am very generous with my time in offering multiple opportunities where students can seek my help and my undivided attention so they can succeed. I am often encouraging students to see me before any academic problem become too big. I am confident that when students seek my help they would be able to overcome any academic difficulties.


I welcome parents and students to contact me with any question or concerns at:


I look forward to a wonderful year.

 Sra, Broski
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