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American Studies 8

American Studies 8

Class Description:

In grade eight, American Studies begins in 1492 with Exploration of the New World and ends in 1877 with Reconstruction. This course incorporates the four strands of the state of Ohio social studies standards which include history, geography, government, and economics. This study follows the journey of our country from exploration, through colonization, to the making of a new nation and government, the Constitution, early Presidencies, westward expansion, the Civil War, and Reconstruction. Projects and research will reinforce the students understanding of the material.

Class Assignments

Mon. 9/2- No School: Labor Day
Tue. 9/3- SLO- American Studies Pre Test (does not count as a grade for students): HW- None
Wed. 9/4- United States Geography; HW- Finish labeling map (Due Fri.)
Thurs. 9/5- United States IPAD Geography; HW- Finish map
Fri. 9/6- Historical Perspective "Lunchroom Fight"; HW- None 
Mon. 9/9- Historical Perspectives (continue "Lunchroom Fight"); HW- None
Tue. 9/10- Historical Perspectives (Primary & Secondary Sources); HW- None
Wed. 9/11- Patriot Day- we will discuss the events of September 11, 2001; HW- study for Geography/ Sources Test
Thurs. 9/12- Geography & Sources Test, Begin Exploration; HW- None
Fri. 9/13- 8th Grade Unity Day- students will participate in activities outside during core class periods! HW- None
Mon. 9/16- Europeans Set Sail Chart; HW- None
Tue. 9/17- Christopher Columbus Primary Sources; HW- None
Wed. 9/18- Christopher Columbus Chart; HW- Finish Columbus Chart
Thurs. 9/19- Positives and negatives of Columbus; HW- study for quiz
Fri. 9/20- Early Exploration/ Columbus Quiz; HW- None 
Mon. 9/23- Periods 1,3,8- Exploration Research; HW- Beginnings of Slavery Directed Reading (Due Thursday)
Tue. 9/24- Periods 2,4,9-  Exploration Research; HW- Beginnings of Slavery Directed Reading (Due Thursday) 
Wed. 9/25- Continue Exploration Research; HW- finish Directed Reading 
Thurs. 9/26- Continue/ finish Exploration Research; HW- finish research at home if needed
Fri. 9/27- Race for Empires/ Exploration Scavenger Hunt; HW- None 
Mon. 9/30- Beginnings of Slavery, Exploration Info; HW- None
Tue. 10/1- Exploration Review; HW- study for quiz
Wed. 10/2- Exploration Quiz; HW- Jamestown Chart (Due. Fri.)
Thurs. 10/3- Lost Colony of Roanoke History Mystery Lab; HW- finish Jamestown Chart
Fri. 10/4- (Periods 1,3,8)- Jamestown Settlement; HW- None
Mon. 10/7- (periods 2,4,9)- Finish Roanoke Primary sources/ Jamestown Chart is due; HW- None
Tue. 10/8- "Nightmare in Jamestown" Video; HW- study for Jamestown quiz
Wed. 10/9- Jamestown Quiz; Colonies Classification; HW- None
Thurs. 10/10- Colonies Classification; HW- None
Fri. 10/11- No School  
Mon. 10/14- Continue Colonies Classification; HW- Colonies Compare/Contrast Paragraph (Due Thurs)
Tue. 10/15- The French and Indian War; HW- work on Colonies compare/contrast paragraph  
Wed. 10/16- Conflict in the Colonies; HW- finish chart if needed/ finish Colonies compare/contrast essay if needed
Thurs. 10/17- The French and Indian War; HW- None
Fri. 10/18- Conflict in the Colonies; HW- None
Mon. 10/21- America: The Story of US Video: The Road to the Revolution (students will make up/finish any needed work for the end of the 1st grading period): HW- None
Tue. 10/22- Discuss Washington D.C. itinerary and look at different sights students will see on the trip: HW- rest up for DC!
Wed. 10/23- Washington D.C.
Thurs. 10/24- Washington D.C.
Fri. 10/25- Washington D.C. 
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