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American Government

American Government

This is a required semester course for Seniors for graduation. The curriculum covers the beginning of American Government during colonial times to our current political system. We will examine primary documents such as the Declaration of Independence, Northwest Ordinance, Ohio Constitution of 1851, Articles of Confederation, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We will explore the current political parties and how campaigning is conducted in the United States. We will also review Landmark Supreme Court Cases in each chapter.

Topics include:

.Foundations of Gov't.
.Origins of American Gov't. 
.The Constitution
.Federalism*- current chapter (project on national crisis/event -comparison of national & state response.

.Congress/Legislative Branch

.The Presidency
.The Executive Branch at Work
.The Federal Courts and the Judicial Branch
.The Political Process
.Civil Liberties
.Civil Rights
.Understanding Elections
.Supreme Court Cases
.Making Foreign Policy
.Comprehending Political and Economic Policy
.State and Local Government

**current course work

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