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Algebra 1 Concepts and Skills

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 Class assignments and announcements will be on Google Classroom!
Check the site often to see what we are learning! 
Week 11
This week students continued to solve equations using algebraic properties.  Equations are becoming more complex with variables on both sides.
Week 10
This week students will be writing and solving equations.  We will discuss using inverse operations and reciprocals as solving methods.
Week 9
This week students will take a chapter 2 test demonstrating their learning throughout the first grading period.  Friday is the last day to turn in any missing assignments from this quarter.  Check Pinnacle to see what you are missing!
Week 8
This week students will work on combining like terms and simplifying more complex expressions.
Pg. 110 #1-14
Practice Test 
Weeks 6&7
Students have been working on operations with real numbers and using the distributive property to simplify expressions.
Pg. 74/75 #1-16, 41-46
Pg. 96 #1-5, 16-48 even
(plus other assignments from worksheets given in class) 
Week 5
This week students will be representing data using line and bar graphs.  Students will also interpret graphs.  A studyguide for the test will be provided.
Week 4
This week students will be learning to translate expressions into mathematic equations and inequalities.  We will practice using mental math to solve real world problems and check for correctness.  Students will have a TEST FRIDAY (9/22)!
1.5 Practice Worksheet
Page 39/40 #4-15
Study Guide for Test 
Week 3
Students will be using the order of operations to evaluate expressions.
QUIZ WEDNESDAY (9/13) covering sections 1.1 to 1.3.
Page 18 #1-16
1.3 Practice Worksheet
All students need their own calculator! (model TI30XIIS or TI-84 Plus)
Week 2
During the week of September 5 students will work on sections 1.1 (variables in Algebra) and 1.2 (exponents).
Assignments: page 6 #1-16, 1.1 worksheet, 1.2 worksheet
Students need a calculator for class and completing homework assignments! 
Welcome back to a new school year!
Supplies needed for a successful year:
3-ring binder or spiral notebook with a folder
Loose leaf paper 
Calculator (TI84 Plus or TI30XIIS)
Book Cover
This week we will get to know each other, sign out textbooks, learn classroom procedures, and take the STAR initial assessment. 
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