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Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a reading program aimed at increasing students' fluency, comprehension, and interest in reading. Students will take an online quiz after completing a book. There are 156,000+ quizzes available at this time but I always recommend checking first to make sure the book is testable by going to and searching the title. The BL or book level tells the grade equivalent and the Pts tell how many points the book is worth. I would like students to be testing on books within their grade level and guided reading level, however, there are a few exceptions and I have conferenced with students to inform them of their reading ranges. 

Since AR can be a large part of a student's reading success, it is incorporated into their grade. The actual % (average grade they earn on quizzes) and the goal percentage (the percentage towards their goal) will be averaged at the end of the grading period and put in the gradebook. This comes to be about 20% of their reading grade each quarter. Throughout the quarter I conference with students who need to work on either: 1. Meeting their goal or 2. Raising their quiz percentage. Unfortunately, students cannot test from home but they can view their progress by logging into the AR website from home. The website to do this is Accelerated Reader Students set goals during our AR conferences that they work to achieve by the end of the 9 weeks. It is very important that students read at least 20 minutes per day, and it they are doing so, they will meet their goal. 

Our fifth grade goal is to have at least 89% on quizzes AND 100% of our goal achieved. 


If your child is struggling on the assessments after the book is finished here are a few strategies to help him or her comprehend the book better.

- Have your child summarize each chapter either on paper or orally.

- Have your child look back in the book each time he or she opens the book to continue reading.

- Ask your child questions about the book when he or she is finished reading for the night. 

      a. Who is your favorite character and why?

      b. What is your favorite part of the book so far and why?

      c. Are there any problems brewing in the story?

      d. What do you think will happen next? 


Use this website to check if books are on Accelerated Reader:

Use this website to find information on AR or email me any questions or concerns 


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