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ABC's of Mrs. Conkle's Class

ABC's of Mrs. Conkle's Class

In this section of our webpage, you will find lots of information about our classroom, daily activities and Brimfield Elementary procedures. I hope you find it helpful!

Attendance- Daily classroom attendance is extremely important. If your child misses school, they miss out on so much. If your child is absent, please send a note to school upon their return. If possible, please schedule appointments outside of our school day. The busses drop the children off at 8:45. Children driven to school should also be at school by then so that everyone has time to complete their morning jobs and settle into their seats before our 8:55 bell.

Ask- Ask lots of questions about your child's day! Ask specific questions such as, "What did you do during centers today?" "Tell me about your math lesson." These types of questions are best and will allow your child to think about specific times during our day when sharing events with you. 

Book Bags- Every child will need their bookbag at school daily. Please make sure that your child's book bag or backpack has their name clearly marked on the inside. Bookbags should not have wheels so that they fit in your child's locker.

Birthdays- Everyone loves a birthday! See our Birthday tab to the left to see when all of our friends in 1-2 celebrate their birthday as well as suggestions for birthday treats.

Behavior Plan- Many classrooms have color charts or other behavior plans.  in 1-2 my expectation is that all children will be kind and respectful and follow directions. Learning about monitoring ourselves and making good choices is all part of learning to be a student and being seven :) . I will try to handle all issues in class.  If I need to speak to you about your child's behavior I will give you a call.  Otherwise, no news is good news!

Communication- Home - school communication is so important! I will communicate with you through bi-weekly newsletters, this webpage, e-mail, REMIND and phone calls when necessary. Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns.

Classroom Rules- We have 6 expectations in our classroom. 1.) Follow directions quickly. 2.) Raise your hand for permission to speak. 3.) Be kind and respectful. 4.) Work hard. 5.) Be safe. and 6.) Worry about yourself.

Centers- Each day your child will rotate through our Daily 5 center rotations.  During Daily 5, students will also be pulled over to work with me either individually or in small groups.

Conferences- We have two Parent-Teacher Conferences scheduled this year; once in November and then again in February. If you would like to meet at another time to discuss your child's progress, I would be happy to meet with you before or after school, or during my planning period.

Dismissal- Our school day ends at 3:20. If you are picking up your child, you MUST have a  tag in your passenger side window and use the parent pick-up circle on the side of our building. . Walkers will be dismissed at 3:22, bus riders will be dismissed at 3:23 and car riders will be dismissed at 3:20.

DOL- You will hear your child talk about DOL sentences this year. DOL stands for Daily Oral Language. When the children arrive in our classroom, they will often find a sentence on the board that contains mistakes with capitalization, punctuation, spelling or grammatical patterns we are working on. As part of their bell work, they will write the sentence correctly on their DOL paper. We review the sentences at the beginning of our day. Your child will receive grades on their papers for C-capitalization, P-punctuation and H-handwriting. What great practice!

Donations- Throughout the year, we may need things for special projects or activities in our room. Please check out our Wish List tab on the left to see what special things we are wishing for. :) If you would like to make a donation to 1-2, that would be great! We appreciate your kindness and thank you in advance for your generosity. I will let you know when new things appear on this tab.

Emergency Information- Emergency Medical Forms come home at the beginning of each school year. I also sent an information sheet for your child home in your beginning of the year packet. Please make sure that your child's Emergency Medical Form and our classroom form is always up to date. If you have a change of address or phone number, please contact the school office and myself right away. Thank you.

Fees- First grade fees cover the cost of consumables and should be paid by October 1st. Payments can be made in one lump sum or over the course of the year, and should be made out to Field Local Schools. Fee payments must be made before your child's report card can be sent home. School fees must be paid in full for your child to attend any second semester field trips we may have.

Facts- Learning our basic math facts is a big part of our first grade math program. As the year goes on, your child may be bringing fact cards home for practice. If math facts become automatic, math calculations and the ability to do mental math and solve mathematical problems will be MUCH easier for your child.

Grading- We have a standards based grading scale in first grade. This is what you are used to from kindergarten. Students will receive a + when they have mastered a skill, an = when a skill is still progressing and a - when improvement is still needed. I will always put one of these marks on your child's paper if the points have been recorded in my gradebook. If there is a smile face or star on the paper, it was done for practice only. I write many comments on student papers. It would be great if you would take the time to go over those comments with your child. Not only will it give them feedback on their work but it will also give you a better idea of their progress and things that I notice about their work.

Good Behavior- We are a community of learners in 1-2 and it is up to all of us to make our classroom a wonderful place to be. I expect positive behavior and respect for others at all times. Your child is responsible for making good choices in class so that we all benefit from an atmosphere that makes learning fun and enjoyable.

Home Reading Folders- We take great pride in reading at home in 1-2! Research shows that children who read often become the best readers! Your child will read books at their level at home at least 3-4 times per week. (Most of my students read every night!) Children will be working toward individual reading goals of 50, 100 and even 150 books read at home. Rewards include ice cream tickets from our cafeteria, book certificates, a free book pick from our book basket and special lunches with me. Our Home Reading Folders also offer us a great way to communicate daily about your child's successes with reading! Find a cozy spot and get ready to watch your child's reading skills soar!

Homework- Your child will have regular homework in first grade. I consider homework practice and would like your child to complete this on their own. Please check over work. Weekly trick words will come home each Monday for home practice and will be your child's spelling words. Your child will also have occasional math homework during week. Math Game folders come home on Monday and, although optional, are a great way to practice math skills in a fun way that the whole family can be a part of.  Each Friday your child will bring home a poem for weekend fluency practice. Homework should take no more than 20-30 minutes per night. If it is taking your child much longer than that, please let me know. If your child has difficulty with something on their math homework sheet, jot me a note right on their paper and I will review the skill with them one on one. Please initial your child's homework so that I know you have looked it over. Thank you!

Independence- One goal for your first grader is to begin to complete more and more tasks independently. Our classroom is set up in such a way to encourage your child's ability to manage their time effectively and organize their personal space. We also work for longer periods of time as the year goes on and children need to know what to do so that they can make the most of their time without disturbing friends around them. You can encourage independence at home by establishing consistent routines for your child, working on tying shoes, zipping coats and having them pack their own backpacks for school each day.

I Know About Me!- It is extremely important for your child to know personal information about themselves and your family. I will be checking occasionally to see if your child can answer important questions to keep them safe. Your child should be able to tell:
- their entire name
- their address
- their phone number
- their birthday
- mom and dad's first and last names

Journals- Your child will have a writing journal this year in 1-2. We will use our journals weekly to write pieces about our learning in science, social studies, math and language arts. We will also respond to books we've read and write about personal topics of our choice. We write often and about everything in 1-2! See our Writing tab for more info about writing.

Kindness- Be kind. That's all. Just be kind. Two words pretty much cover it! In Field, our district motto is " Make Footprints Worth Following." We have a No Bullying policy at Field.... so just be kind. :)

Listening Center- Our listening center is a fun place to go to hear a story on tape. Children can spend time in our listening center during their   "Listen to Reading" rotation each week.

Money- Please make sure that any money that is sent to school is in an envelope with your child's name, room number and purpose on it. Please DO NOT send loose money to school with your child. Thank you!

Medication/ Medical Concerns- If your child needs any medication at school, you must fill out a form in our school office and bring the medication to school during office hours. Medication, even cough drops, may never come to school with your child. If there is a specific medical concern for your child, please make sure you list it on their Emergency Medical Form and their classroom information sheet. 

Math Game Folders- Kiddos learn by play.  Your child will get a new math game most Mondays to be played during the week.  These are fun games that typically are played with a partner.  In order to get ready for math fun at home, your child will need a bag with 2 sets of 20 counters, three dice and a deck of cards.  More specific information will come home in September.  :)

Newsletters- I will send a newsletter every other Monday to keep you up to date on classroom activities, units of study, important dates and happenings in our room. If there is something you would like to see in our newsletters, feel free to let me know. School newsletters come home every Friday.


Organization- Anyone who knows me knows that I am a VERY organized person! I need to be to keep our room running smoothly and to facilitate your child's independence in our classroom. ...(and it keeps me sane and happy! :) It's important for your child to be organized too! Papers need to be put in appropriate places, materials need to be returned so that others may use them and desks need to be kept neat so that we can find things we need. We will be working hard all year to develop habits that keep our classroom neat and organized. You can help at home by having your child organize small spaces in their rooms or organizing a space where they can do their homework each night. 

Poetry Notebooks- We love poetry in 1-2! Each week we will get a new poem to share and enjoy. We read our poem daily to practice our fluency, we look for words with different features within our poem and much more. Each week, your child will illustrate their poem. On Fridays we get into small groups and perform our poem for our friends. We also choose past poems to re-read and enjoy. Our Poetry Notebooks will come home each Friday for your child to share with you. They will need to have two "Lucky Listeners" listen to them read their poem and then sign their notebook. Notebooks are due back to school each Monday.

Personal Items- Please make sure that all of your child's personal items such as bookbags, coats, boots and lunchboxes are clearly labeled with their name and room number. Thank you!

Quality of Work- It is always important to do our best work. In 1-2, we will develop a Quality of Work Rubric together to help us see what quality work is and what it isn't. Then we can look at our own work and see if we did our best or can do better next time. We will "rate" ourselves with a smile face for our best work, a straight face for work that could have been better and a frown face for work we know we didn't do well on at all. Quality doesn't always mean correct. We take into consideration neatness and effort too when we have conversations about quality.

Quiet Times- Let's face it! First graders can be a loud and silly bunch! :) There are times for talking and fun in 1-2 and there are times for quiet, purposeful work. We will learn to tell the difference as our year together goes on. Quiet times are during independent seatwork and my direct instruction times. We need to remember not to disturb others when they are working and to raise our hands to answer a question or share our great ideas. Great listening and our ability to work quietly and independently will help us learn so much together this year!

Reinforcement at Home- Please take time to reinforce what we are doing in class at home. Your child will only benefit when we work together! Reading with your child, practicing math concepts, talking about their day, going over comments on papers and studying spelling words and trick words will help your child have the most successful year possible!

Scholastic Book Orders- I will be sending home Scholastic book order forms each month. Ordering from Scholastic is a great way to enhance your child's home library and help us earn free books for our room at the same time! If you wish to order, please go to the Scholastic site at  Click "connect to teacher", enter our class activation code, and submit your payment online.

Spelling- Click on the Spelling tab on the left for everything you need to know about spelling in 1-2 this year.

Show and Tell- We do not have time for a scheduled Show and Tell in class. Please do not allow your child to bring toys to school. Your child is welcome however to bring in artifacts that go along with our science or social studies units of study to share with their friends.

Take Home Folders- Your child's Take Home Folder is one of the most important things they will have to share work and information with you this year. Please check your child's folder nightly for newsletters and other important information, graded papers and homework. Anything on the leave at home side should be removed nightly. Papers on the return to school side will be homework and should be completed and returned to school the following day. I will put a calendar with special events and our daily special in the back pocket each month for your convenience. :)

Tardies- Your child will be considered tardy if they arrive to school once the 9am bell rings. After that time, they will need to be signed in in the office. Please make every effort to drop your child off by 8:45 if they are a car rider. We do have bell work each morning, so being at school by 8:45 is very important for your child's morning routine in 1-2. Thank you! 

Toys-  Toys should not come to school.  Thank you!

Under the Weather- All of us feel under the weather at times. Your child should never be sent to school if they have a fever or have thrown up the night before. I'd love to see them however if they have a little stomach ache or a sore throat. Often once we get into our day, things turn right around! If your child is absent, please don't forget to send a note to school the day they return.

Volunteers- Volunteers are always welcome in 1-2. Even moms and dads who work during the day can help out in many ways! We need helpers for special activities, school parties, field trips, centers, to cut out laminating, to send in items for projects and more. All of our volunteers must attend the beginning of the year meeting or schedule a time to meet with our principal.  I look forward to having many of you join us this year!

Visitors- All visitors to Brimfield Elementary must sign in at our school office and wear a visitor's badge. If you would like to visit and share lunch with your child, we would love to have you. Meet us in the cafeteria at our visitor's table about 11:40.  We will be down shortly after that.  :)

Winter Weather- Once winter weather comes to Ohio, your child will need boots, a heavy coat, gloves, a scarf and a hat every day. We will have indoor recess only if the temperature is less than 20 degrees so warm clothing for outdoor play is a must.

eXtra Clothing- It is always a good idea for your child to have extra socks, a spare pair of gloves or an extra pair of tennis shoes in their locker.... especially in the winter.

Yes You Can!- Learning can be all about attitude! We all make mistakes and that is how we learn new things! Making mistakes or having the wrong answer is all part of learning. We talk about that often in 1-2. In fact, making mistakes actually helps us to get even smarter! With a positive attitude and encouragement from important adults like you and I, your child is less likely to feel frustrated or discourged by difficult tasks. So encourage your child often and praise their many attempts to learn new things... and I will do the same!


Zany- First graders are at a great age! Embrace and enjoy your child's fun and silly side! They will be too big for bedtime stories, hide and seek and pretend play before you know it! Spend as much time laughing and creating memories as you can! Trust me. ;)  
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