7th Grade World Studies
Mrs. Cailin McKinney
7th Grade World Studies

World Studies 7 Grade 7 (one year) Required

Seventh grade students will study world history from 750 B.C. to 1600 A.D. They will use maps and other geographic representations to trace the development of human settlement, movement of people and products over time. They will see how trade routes connecting Africa, Europe and Asia caused the spread of technology and major world religions and the growth of empires. Greece and Rome will be studied focusing on law and government, engineering and technology, art and architecture and literature. Students will look at the feudal and manorial systems and how they developed as a result of Germanic invasions on the Roman Empire. They will understand what influenced the European Renaissance and that it introduced revolutionary ideas, leading to cultural, scientific, and social changes. They will look at how Individuals, governments and businesses analyze costs and benefits when making economic decisions. Distribution of productive resources in the various regions of the world contributed to specialization, trade and interdependence. The growth of cities and empires fostered the growth of markets. Market exchanges encouraged specialization and the transition from barter to monetary economics.

 Homework and Assignments:
Week 20
 1/18: Close read enduring imact of Rome (chose eith quaducts, Sewers, or Roman Roads) 
1/17: finish Rome's Accomplishments notes (bright green)
Week 19
1/10: negative permission slip RSVP and pages 325-325 main ideas
1/9: Final copy of Roman Calendars 
Week 18
1/3: Work on Roman Calendar final copy (due Fri)  
Week 17
12/20: no hw (may work on Google Classroom calendar)
12/19: no hw (Google Classroom research on how the months got their names in class)
12/18: no hw 
Week 16: 
12/15: Study for CH 10 Test Mon!
12/13: study for ch 10
12/12: per 1, 5, 8 study guide due Thursday
12/11: no hw (finished CH 10 in class)
Week 15:
12/7: finish Directed Reading on Punic Wars if needed
12/6: no hw
12/5: Crossword puzzle to help you study for you QUIZ tomorrow!
12/4: Roman Numeral worksheet  
Week 14
 11/30: no hw
11/29: finish Sec 2 notes if needed
11/28: STUDY for CH 10 Sec 1 Quiz
Week 13 
11/20: no hw  
Week 12
11/16: Comic Strip Romulus and Remus
11/15: Romulus and Remus Comic Strip due FRI! (Per 2, 6, 9 PROJECTS DUE TOMORROW!)
11/14: finish map of Italy
11/13: Finish CH 10 visual walkthrough  
Week 11
 11/9: STUDY for Ch 9 TEST!
11/8: Study GUide CH 9 TEST
11/6: Parthenon/Columns Whksht
Week 10
11/1: CH 9 Sec 3 Studyu Sheet
10/31: Alexander the Great Map activity
10/30: Project contract sent home 
Week 9
10/26: Read pgs272-273 and answer Phillip II questions
10/25: no hw (may work on brochure in Google Classroom at home)
10/24: rough draft Athens/Sparta brochure pages 4, 5, title
10/23: rough draft Athens/Sparta brochure pages 1-3 
Week 8
10/15: finish "Sparta" notes if needed (pages 266-268)
10/14: Study sheet CH 9 Sec 1 QUIZ and STUDY! Quiz =Wednesday 
10/16: no hw 
Week 7
10/11: finish Postcard
10/10: finish Section 1 outline if needed
10/9: finish CH 9 visual summary if not done in class 
Week 6
10/5: STUDY for ch 8 TEST
10/4: CH 8 study guide (test Fri)
10/3: Fianl copy Olympics Poster
10/2: no hw (Final Copy Olympic Research due Wed) 
Week 5
9/28: Theater and Games Worksheet
9/27: no hw
9/26: Study sheet for QUIZ tomorrow (CH 8 SEC 2)
9/25: Finish Section 2 notes (pgs 240-241) 
Week 4
9/21: no hw
9/20: Study sheet for CH 8 SEC 1 Quiz
9/19: CH 8 Vocab (due tomorrow)
9/18: CH 8 Vocab (due Wed) 
Week 3
9/14: Finish Ancient Greece Map that we began in class
9/13:finish Ch 8 visual walk through if not done in class
9/12: Study Guide for Primary/Secondary Source Quiz and STUDY!!!
9/11: no hw 
Week 2
9/7: 9-11 Interview (due by Monday)
9/6: finish page 4 of Nacirema article
9/5: Finish Nacirema article. Underline important facts, circle vocab, write a gist next to the paragraph. Page 3: write down one thing you learn about the Nacirema for each paragraph.  
Week 1  Please have all supplies by Friday.
9/1: textbook covered by Tuesday 9/5
8/31: 4 yellow folders and one subject notebook due by tomorrow!
8/30: Cover textbook by Sept 5
8/29: sign page 36 in planner / fill out and bring back page 2 of syllabus
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