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7th Grade World Studies

 Homework and Assignments:
Week 8
10/16: Study Sheet and STUDY for CH 9 Sec 1 QUIZ
10/15: no hw 
Week 7
10/10: no hw
10/9: finish Olympics assignment if needed AND CH 9 pgs 260-263 notes
10/8: Work on Olympics Compare/ Contrast assignment that is due on Wednesday (Google Classroom)
Week 6
10/4: no hw
10/3: Study study guide for CH 8 Test
10/2: Finish study guide CH 8 Test
10/1: Finish the CH 8 Sec 3 notes that we started in class
Week 5
9/25: no hw QUIZ in class!
9/24: Geography of Greece Worksheet  
Week 4
9/19: study sheet for CH 8 Sec 1 QUIZ / STUDY!
9/18: no hw
9/17: The Geographic setting of Greece reading and questions 
Week 3
9/13: no hw
9/12: no hw
9/11: Study sheet for QUIZ tomorrow! (Primary/Secondary Sources and World Map)
9/10:  Interview someone you know who remebers September 11, 2001
Week 2
9/7: Interview someone you know who remebers September 11, 2001 (due Tuesday)
9/6: Nacirema article due tomorrow!
9/5: continue notes on "Nacirema" that began in class
9/4: no hw (pre-test in class today) 
Week 1  Please have all supplies by Friday.
8/31: Cover textbooks
8/30: Received textbook today. Recommend to have it covered. 
8/29: all supplies and syllabus by Friday
8/28: sign page 54 in planner 1st period / fill out and bring back page 2 of syllabus (by Friday)

7th Grade World Studies

Mrs. Cailin McKinney
7th Grade World Studies

World Studies 7 Grade 7 (one year) Required

Seventh grade students will study world history from 750 B.C. to 1600 A.D. They will use maps and other geographic representations to trace the development of human settlement, movement of people and products over time. They will see how trade routes connecting Africa, Europe and Asia caused the spread of technology and major world religions and the growth of empires. Greece and Rome will be studied focusing on law and government, engineering and technology, art and architecture and literature. Students will look at the feudal and manorial systems and how they developed as a result of Germanic invasions on the Roman Empire. They will understand what influenced the European Renaissance and that it introduced revolutionary ideas, leading to cultural, scientific, and social changes. They will look at how Individuals, governments and businesses analyze costs and benefits when making economic decisions. Distribution of productive resources in the various regions of the world contributed to specialization, trade and interdependence. The growth of cities and empires fostered the growth of markets. Market exchanges encouraged specialization and the transition from barter to monetary economics.

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