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7th Grade Science

7th Grade Science
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Class Description:

Seventh Grade Science students will explore the conservation of mass and energy, cycles of matter and flow of energy. Special emphasis will be placed on the hydrological cycle, ocean currents, climate patterns, atmosphere of Earth, energy transformations, transfer of matter, biomes and abiotic/biotic factors in the environment. Students will have access to the Wetland Outdoor Classroom for invertebrate identification, water quality test, and bird/wetland plant identification .

Class Assignments
F 5/25/18 No homework 
Th 5/24/18 No homework 
W 5/23/18 Bring radish plants for Thursday 5/24/18
Tu 5/22/18 The American Chestnut close read (underline and answer questions) due F 5/25/18)
M 5/21/18 No homework
F 5/18/18 No homework 
Th 5/17/18 No homework
W 5/16/18 No homework
Tu 5/15/18 Bird ID Crossword - due Friday 5/18
M 5/14/18 Green Report Card
F 5/11/18 No homework 
Th 5/10/18 One member of each lab group will take home radish plants
W 5/9/18 No homework  
Tu 5/8/18 No school due to voting at school 
M 5/7/18 Food chain wordsearch 

The new 7th Grade Science Content Standards will include the following topics:

  • Energy Transferral and Transformation
  • Waves, Sound and Light
  • Electricity and Thermal Energy
  • Atmosphere and Cycles of Matter
  • Currents and Global Weather Patterns
  • Water Cycle
  • Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
  • Biomes and Populations
7th Grade Science Textbooks:
  • Glencoe Waves, Electricity and Magnetism 
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