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6th Grade Language Arts

Week 5/4 - 5/8

This week is going to look a little different because you will only turn in one thing. For this week, I have provided you some links to read about Covid 19 and the epidemic it is being compared to, the Spanish Flu of 1918. You are being asked to explore the links in the documents and compare and contrast the two outbreaks. Go to Google Classroom for the documents and links.
You will need to find 5 similarities and 5 differences between the two. 

Week 4/27-5/1

For this weeks online learning, please login to google classroom and follow the instructions
Monday- Journal
Tuesday- "A Museum of Their Own"
Wednesday- SSR letter
Thursday- Paired passages week 5
Friday- Edmentum lesson 

week 4/20-4/24

For this week, please follow the instructions in google classroom. NO Edmentum this week.
Monday: Journal week 4
Tuesday: Whodunnit?
Wednesday: SSR
Thursday:Whodunnit 2
Friday: paired passages 4

Week 4/13-4/17

Welcome back from Easter! I hope everyone was able to enjoy the holiday even though travel was restricted. The work for  the week is posted in Google Classroom. Everything should very similar to what we have done before. If you have any questions or problems with an assignment, please EMAIL me. I get notifications for email, but the messages in classroom don't get seen until I grade them the following day.
      Monday: make sure you completed the genre lesson from before break. There are a lot missing.
      Tuesday: Journal response *a paragraph or more
      Wednesday: Paired Passages "Only on the West" and "When Parched"
      Thursday: Inference video with questions
      Friday: Edmentum *30 minutes  ACTIVE TIME on program in READING

Week 2

Congratulations on completing your first week at home! You will find this weeks assignments are very similar to week one. You may do them in any order, just have them turned in by the end of the week. You will get your scores as they are graded.
Monday- Journal prompt in Google docs
Tuesday-paired passages- read, then answer the questions on the google form
Wednesday-Read something of your choosing for 30 minutes, then answer the questions on the Google form 
Thursday- follow the link in classroom, watch the slides, then answer the questions on the Google form.
Friday- Login and complete the activities in Edmentum on your exact path. When you have completed 30 minutes or more, go to classroom and click the "turn in" button.
Grades should start showing up for marking period 4 this week.  Be sure to check for any missed assignments. 

At Home Assignments

Hello Everyone! This is where your weekly assignments will be posted. We will be following a routine for our work that will be the same or close to the same every week. If you have any concerns or questions at all, please email me and I will get back to you as fast as I can! All of your assignments will be submitted through your Google Classroom, even the work you do in your workbook. If you did not take home your workbook, it can be picked up in the school office. The school office will be open on Thursdays for 10-2 until further notice.
You should all be familiar with our Google Classroom, but just in case here are your join codes again:
Block One = 6qppree
Block Two = wmasnv7
Block Three = tjn6sfq
I hope you are enjoying your time at home. This is a little bit weird for all of us, but we will face any new challenges together. Remember I am just an email away. I miss you all already!!! 


As you are working on your Edmentum assignment, please remember that you need to be logged in to the Reading session for 30 minutes. Your score will be based on the time spent "actively learning" in the program. 
IF you get locked out of a test in the program, you must go back and redo the lesson. The program will then let you retake the test for that skill. 
6th Grade Language Arts
love of books pic Class Description:
Language arts is a combination of reading, writing, and grammar. In addition to our regular journaling, we will have writing assignments about once a month. Reading stories will come from the anthology Elements of Literature.  In addition we will be reading two novels this year. Reading skills and grammar lessons, including parts of speech and mechanics, will be inter-dispersed with the reading and writing lessons.
Sign up for Remind
Parents;  Use Remind to get class announcements delivered to your cell phone.  
If you have an iphone, open your browser and go to (link)
To receive messages via text, text @gaf3fa to 81010.   You can opt-out of messages at any time by replying, "unsubscribe @gehf9".
Trouble using 81010?  Try texting @gaf3fa to (234) 421-4020 instead.  
If you prefer email, go to  To unsubscribe, reply with "unsubscribe" in the subject line. 
Daily Supplies
Students should have the following supplies with them in class on a DAILY basis:
1. Silent reading book (SSR)
2. Assignment book
3. Red binder
4. Pencil
5. blue or black pen
6. Paper (in binder)
They will also need a composition book or spiral notebook that will be kept in the classroom. Art boxes with glue sticks, scissors, and colored pencils are recommended several times throughout the year.
2 Test Retakes Available!
Students may retake two tests or quizzes during any grading period. The student needs to fill out a retake form, complete it, attach the original test, and turn it in to me. A different test covering the same content will then be given to the student. The better grade will be the one put into the gradebook.
Box Tops for Education

Box Tops for Education

Please save your Box Tops and send them to school with your student. 
These provide funds the school can utilize for items we couldn't otherwise provide. 

Book Orders

We will be ordering from Scholastic Book Orders this year. Fliers will come home monthly if you are interested. If you would like to purchase anything as a gift, send me an email and I will call you when the order arrives.  If you are interested in ordering online, our class code is       GXW86        Orders usually take about a week to arrive.

5 paragraph essay

We have started working on argument writing. The end product will be a 5 paragraph essay. The students have chosen a topic from their 742's. Choices include gum chewing at school, limited screen time for electronics, blizzard bags (work on snow days), and the value of field trips to education.
Introductory paragraphs will need a hook (lesson in google classroom), a claim, and a thesis statement. 
3 body paragraphs each with a reason and a fact to support that reason
A closing paragraph with a reworded thesis and a call to action 

Please Save

Please save a shoe box for the Literacy Fair projects. We will be needing them in the next week or so.
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