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5th Grade

5th Grade
In 5th grade general music, we start the year with:

Music theory, by reviewing the many music signs and their meanings which we have previously learned, and adding a few more.
Singing songs from a variety of music periods in American history, and learning how historic events inspired their composers.
Learning to sing harmony parts for some of our songs, including an alto part and a descant.

Opera: As the year continues, our next big unit is opera. After listing everything students know about this musical genre, we sort out fact from fiction. Associated terminology is defined and used as we study a short, made-for-TV opera, Amahl and the Night Visitors. As time permits, students may be able to watch the version taped in January 1954 (in black and white, of course!).

Elements of Music: We also discuss the elements of music, and listen for them, using listening guides, in two pieces of instrumental music in widely contrasting styles: Baby Elephant Walk (light jazz style, mid 1960's) and Canon in D by Pachelbel (Baroque period, late 1600's)

Autoharps and Chords: Our big year-end unit revisits music theory by defining chords ( a common type of harmony). We do these lessons with small groups rotating through learning centers, with half of the centers focusing on chords in written work while the rest involve playing a chording instrument, the autoharp. It is an easier string instrument to play, and students use it to accompany a rhythmic poem - rap style - as well as to accompany a song they know well.

As time permits during these last two units, we are continuing to add to our music repertoire by singing folk songs taken from American history, mostly from life in the 1800's.
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